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The Unhealthy Truth About Your Healthy Diet

In many ways, the word ‘diet’ has a bad reputation. Among women especially, never-ending diets can cause undue amounts of stress. And, no matter what way you look at it, you’d be hard pushed to consider these eating habits as healthy.

In truth, though, eating a healthy diet has nothing to do with unattainable weight goals. Rather than focusing on discipline, the right diet should really be about taking care of yourself. While eating unhealthy and fatty foods doesn’t fit with that, nor does starving yourself. So, really, a healthy diet is nothing like we expect. It’s just a matter of eating the right foods for a healthier and happier you.

But, what happens if you’ve embarked on healthy eating for all the right reasons, and you still don’t feel better? On paper, you’re doing everything right. So, why do you still feel so unhealthy? Continue Reading

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Getting More Out of Life

Do you feel like your life isn’t as fulfilling as it should be? A lot of people get this feeling at some point in their lives. You might start to question what you’re doing here and whether you’re really living your life to its full potential. Having to go to work and look after other commitments can make it seem like you’re just doing the same things day in and day out. Maybe you’re bored with your life, or you’re just wondering whether there’s anything more. If you’re trying to find more fulfillment, there could be a few things you can do to discover it. Continue Reading

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Do You Do Anything To Avoid Cooking?

Why would you bother eating healthy in this day and age when you can get a delicious fast food meal in just a few minutes right? This philosophy, unfortunately, has been plaguing society for too long. Thanks to celebrity chef shows, people are more enthusiastic than ever to cook their own home meals. Maybe it’s the razmataz of the shows, the obvious attention to detail and how they make gastronomy into the true craft that it is. On the other hand, it could just be because people want to experience new flavors and not have to shell out a wad of money at a restaurant every week. Still, it’s too easy when you are traipsing home from work trying to work out what to cook, and knowing you still have to shop for it, to opt for the easy take out fast food option instead.  It’s perfectly reasonable to say that home cooked meals are going to be much healthier. You know everything that’s going into your food and you can manage recipes and instructions to fit your tastes and goals. However it does cost you one thing, and that’s effort! So here are a few tips to lessen the burden. Continue Reading

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Getting back to life after an injury - Healthy blog

How to Handle an Injury That Leaves You On Your Back

One day, everything’s completely fine; the next, you’re laid up in bed with an injury, and no-one is quite sure how long you’re going to be out of action. The pain, you can tolerate. But the mental side of your injury? That’s going to be more difficult to manage. You’ll quickly come to learn that when people complain about injuries, it rarely has much to do with the physical discomfort. It’s the dramatic change in their lifestyle that they struggle with. To prevent yourself from going down a rabbit hole of negative thing, we’d put together some useful tips on handling the injury below. Continue Reading

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