Asian influenced fresh tuna salad - Plant based whole food

Staying healthy with an Asian influenced fresh tuna salad


Summer is nearly upon us -I’ve come to that conclusion being an optimistic person and the fact the snow has nearly melted and the bikinis are beginning to get a showing in all the stores – so what does a girl need to do at this time of year?? (no – a tummy tuck is NOT the answer – honestly!) but it is maybe time to cut back on the bread and spuds and start eating a little lighter. One of my favourite salads of all times is an Asian inspired fresh tuna salad. Its brimming with fresh flavours, has a deliciously little chili bite to it and positively stands up, claps you on the back and sticks a halo on your head due to its healthy nutritious state. So all those who want a clap on the back and halo on their head, read on!:

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