Healthy Bacon and Kale Quiches - Plant based whole food

Healthy Bacon and Kale Quiches

These are a great healthy addition to your kids lunch box, for picnics or a delightfully healthy summer lunch. The base is made from bread as a seeded wheat bread is a healthier choice than pastry and is MUCH easier  to use!

I’ve included bacon into the recipe which isn’t the healthiest choice around, but it equals 1 rasher per person and makes them extremely delicious. My feeling is the kale and eggs more than counterbalance the bacon!

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Healthy Chocolate Brownie



It may seem like an oxymoron ‘no sugar’ and ‘healthy‘ being paired up with ‘chocolate brownie‘ but I kid you not, these are so amazingly healthy and taste even better than a traditional chocolate brownie. And I haven’t even told you the best bit yet! ( I’m jumping up and down here!!) they are made wth just 4 ingredients and take just 2 minutes to make! How brill is that??!! I actually call them my fantastical, healthy, yummy 4+2 choc brownies for short!

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