Healthy Sushi - Plant based whole food

Healthy Sushi

Sushi is seen by many as a healthy food anyway, and compared to fast food burgers and the like, it is definitely a better option. But the white rice that is used can spike blood sugar levels and is high in carbs, with no additional nutritional benefits. The healthy sushi below, uses quinoa, which has a lot less grams of carbs and a lot more protein. More bang for your buck as they say somewhere around the world (not In Yorkshire!) So check out these healthy delicious little items and make yourself and your kids a halo inducing meal with a difference! Read More

Asian inspired pate - vegetarian and healthy - Plant based whole food

Asian Inspired Pate

WOW!! This is Soooooooooooo darn good! I LOVE it!! I love the flavours of Asia and I love pate.  I know that you are more likely to get dumplings in Asia than Pate  (!!) …..but I had to bring these flavours and textures together. DIVINE – seriously. You must give this a go.  Its easy to make, full of delicious flavours, healthy and so good to keep in the fridge to add to crackers for an easy snack! Read More

Healthy Breakfast Ideas - Healthy blog

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Before I launch into some great healthy ideas for breakfast, I just want to touch upon the big question; ‘what is healthy?”

For some it’s low carb, for some it’s low fat, and for others it’s high fibre. In the 70’s a healthy breakfast was deemed a grapefruit, in the 80’s Special K made their pinch-an-inch marketing drive the breakfast must have du jour, and in the 90’s a blueberry muffin was the go! It’s really not surprising that we are more confused than ever. But for me, in the 2000’s, the basics for eating healthy are unprocessed, nutrient-rich and low-in-refined-sugar foods.

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