Healthy Bacon and Kale Quiches - Plant based whole food

Healthy Bacon and Kale Quiches

These are a great healthy addition to your kids lunch box, for picnics or a delightfully healthy summer lunch. The base is made from bread as a seeded wheat bread is a healthier choice than pastry and is MUCH easier  to use!

I’ve included bacon into the recipe which isn’t the healthiest choice around, but it equals 1 rasher per person and makes them extremely delicious. My feeling is the kale and eggs more than counterbalance the bacon!

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Left over healthy pizza base yummy afternoon snack

Left over healthy pizza base = yummy afternoon snack

When making your super healthy seed based pizza, keep a little of the seed paste to one side and bake it for about 20 minutes each side at a temperature of 370F. Break it up into pieces and use as crackers. Delicious with dips or toppings. One of my fave toppings is simply avocado and tomato seasoned with a little salt and pepper. These crackers, will store for a good few weeks in an airtight container and still remain crispy. Brilliant as an easy go-to snack, mid morning or afternoon. I also take them in a little bag when I go hiking as an easy and nutritionally dense snack to keep me going!

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Healthy and yummy goats cheese pizza - Plant based whole food

Healthy and yummy goats cheese ‘pizza’

Crikey, I am really embracing my new healthy lifestyle. I’ve always been relatively healthy ( in moderation!!!! ( more wine anyone?!)) but I’m now really kicking it with natural whole foods unprocessed foods and including ‘super foods’ into my diet and I am starting to feel amazing! Last night I made an incredibly delish, but also fantastically ( that is a real word right?!) healthy pizza – so much better than the cauliflower based pizza I made the week before! This base is made with seeds and hemp with a topping of pesto, goats cheese and tomato. You really have to try it ‘cos it was way more tasty than a traditional pizza, so bloody easy and it comes complete with a virtual halo!!!

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