Healthy chocolate milkshake

Healthy Chocolate Milkshake

It doesn’t get any easier than this. It doesn’t get much healthier than this! Just 4 healthy ingredients and a couple of minutes and you will have a delicious, guilt free, thick chocolate milkshake by your side! Continue Reading

Spicy veggie quinoa - Plant based whole food

Spicy Vegetable Quinoa

A delicious and healthy dinner that is easy to make and dense with great nutrients. If you are a meat eater it’s easy to serve this with a grilled chicken breast served on top or with some cooked prawns stirred through it.

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7 things successful people do to halt the afternoon slump

7 things successful people do to halt the afternoon slump
1. Eat a healthy snack 
Give your body a long lasting energy treat – not a short term sugar laden, insulin driving snack. Its important to keep your sugar levels, level during the whole day, rather than create a roller coaster of sugar highs and lows. So as well as healthy choices for breakfast lunch and dinner ensure your mid morning and afternoon snacks are just right for keeping your energy levels right. Try this easy chocolatey slow sugar releasing snack to sustain you through the afternoon: Raw chocolate brownies. (they consist of 4 ingredients and take 2 minutes to make)
2: Schedule meetings for the afternoon
If you don’t have a tight deadline to work to or a meeting to go to, you can lose motivation at the desk and allow the afternoon slump to control you. Get your ‘self -motivated’ work done and dusted in the morning when you are feeling fresh and invigorated and plan your meetings for the afternoon which will allow your body and brain to react to meeting stimuli and keep you bouncing through the afternoon.
3.Go for a walk and get fresh air
It will allow you to get the oxygen flowing through the body and clear your head. 5-10 minutes brisk walk is all you need to come back to your desk with a new sense of vitality
4 Keep hydrated 
Keeping hydrated throughout the day is essential. A small coffee hit in the afternoon won’t hurt you either. Especially if you have to get up and go outside to get it (fresh air, clear head, moving oxygen!)
5. 15 minute meditation
Meditation is like a mini snooze without the bleary wake up after. It allows you to completely switch off from your brain and basically give it a massive re-charge. Close your eyes and concentrate on looking through your eyelids with your eyes closed. Slow your breathing down. Say a mantra within your head – I use the mantra “sheeama”
6 Listen to upbeat music
Do this after the meditation and you will find you are firing on all cylinders.
7.Breathe and stretch 
Even if you have to stretch at the desk, it will get your oxygen flowing through your body. Try the following stretches:
1 Spinal stretch – breathe in and on the out breath keep your hips and bum facing your computer and twist your upper torso and head slowly to the right. repeat to the left.
2 Cat tilt – push your chair back a little from the desk – breath in and on the out breathe curve your back as round as it will go bringing your head down towards your desk making the letter “C”
3.Letter I– sit up straight, on the in breath bring your hands to prayer position in front of your chest, on the out breath push your hands up towards the ceiling keeping your spine straight.
Repeat 3 times

Sprouts facts - Healthy blog

Sprouting For Energy

Eating a healthy diet but not full of the energy you feel you should have?

Did you know it’s possible to consume foods that are rich in nutrients that the body cannot utilise due to anti-nutrients?

Sprouted seeds and grains get rid of some of these anti-nutrients allowing your body to utilise more nutrients from the food you are consuming.

So, before you reach for any nutritional supplements or wonder why your balanced healthy diet isn’t all it should be cracked up to be –  why not try including sprouted seeds and grains to your diet?  Continue Reading