Pomegranate and Olive salad

Mediterranean Salad

This is a pleasant change from the traditional Greek salad. The mix of fresh pomegranate seeds with the olives are to die for!!! Add a few tablespoons of cooked quinoa to the dish and make it a beautiful light summer supper, or serve it up with a little grilled protein (shrimps with garlic, lemon and mint spring to mind!!!) Read More

Scallop and halloumi

Quinoa Coated Scallops Topped With Grilled Halloumi With A Caper & Raisin Dressing

This is a dish that Gordon Ramsey made, but he used panko to coat the scallops.  I’ve blended some cooked quinoa and coated the scallops in that just to make it a little more halo inducing! Its a delicious and conversation stopping appetizer that really is easy to make. Read More

Thai curry

Wild Caught Cod In A Thai Red Curry Sauce With Grilled Bok Choy

I love Asian food and Thai food especially. The dishes you eat in Thailand are bursting with so many different flavours. Sweet, sour, spicy and salty. And when you have flavours like that, you can mix them up with beautiful fresh vegetables and have yourself a really healthy feast! This Thai curry dish can be made in about 5 minutes (after you’ve made the paste) and is perfect for a gourmet mid week supper!

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Low Carb Easy Flatbread


Low carb flatbread

Low carb flatbread


I’m still wearing the excess of Christmas round my middle so have decided I need a week or two to rid myself of the extra pound or twenty! For me the easiest way of doing that is lowering my carb intake. I never look to lower my fruit or veg load when lowering my carbs, but look to other areas such as bread and grains. The only problem with that is a) bread (or wraps) are such an easy ingredient to incorporate into your daily eating and b) I love bread!!!

I have come up with a delicious low carb alternative that is also very healthy and very easy to incorporate into your daily life! It’s incredible easy to make, and also very quick.

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