Benefits of sleep

The Importance of Getting Adequate Sleep

It’s not always easy to get a good night’s sleep and many parents with young children face the challenge of sleep deprivationat some point in their lives.  We often hear about the importance and impact sleep has on our emotional and physical wellbeing, yet few of us get enough sleep to operate at our optimum. Read More

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Improving Your Meditation (meditation – not medication!) part 1

Improving Your Meditation

According to the teachings of Swami Rama there are several main tasks to be accomplished during the beginning stage of meditation and practice.

1. developing the practice of internal dialogue
2. learning to cultivate mindfulness or meditation in action
3. having a regular practice time and place
4. developing a steady comfortable sitting posture
5. relaxing the body
6. learning the basics of breathing

Lets look at the the internal dialogue problem. Is your mind always wanting to switch to your thoughts and chatter to you? Fear not – help is at hand. Read More

3 healthy meals – 1 dish!

I’m back! having travelled extensively for the past 6 months has meant not having a kitchen and not being able to tinker with recipes. So to make  up for the lack of recipes I’ve not posted in a while – here’s a 3 for 1! (you’re welcome!) Read More