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Sprouting For Energy

Eating a healthy diet but not full of the energy you feel you should have?

Did you know it’s possible to consume foods that are rich in nutrients that the body cannot utilise due to anti-nutrients?

Sprouted seeds and grains get rid of some of these anti-nutrients allowing your body to utilise more nutrients from the food you are consuming.

So, before you reach for any nutritional supplements or wonder why your balanced healthy diet isn’t all it should be cracked up to be –  why not try including sprouted seeds and grains to your diet?  Continue Reading

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At Home Spa Weekend

Having a night out with the girls is always something I look forward to, but the morning after a little less so! Had a fantastic night out last night with a million glasses of delicious Pinot Gris but boy my body was suffering this morning. So, with a house to myself, I decided to treat myself to an at home spa day. After an enormous lie in, I made a kale, apple n ginger juice then I made myself sweat with a tough 1 hour at home yoga session followed by some serious meditation. This alone made me feel sooooo much better ( that and the 5 large glasses of water).

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