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A Healthy Little Fry Up For Breakfast!

Once upon a time, (in a land far far away!) my favorite, go to breakfast would be fried eggs, mushrooms , 1 kg of bacon and a loaf of toast to mop up that yummy egg yolk. This would be a regular meal for me on Saturday and Sunday mornings – generally used to soak up the alcohol from the night before! I’m pleased to announce that I have changed my ways and no longer have these huge fry ups (in fact I really can’t remember the last time I had one). Bacon and bread are really the naughties in this dish, I can’t come up with a healthy bacon dish – it really is just about eating it in moderation (I so want to move to moderation and live there!) So, it’s just the bread then – even if you don’t have an intolerance for gluten, bread is packed high with carbs and has very limited health benefits  – so using my low carb flatbread with eggs (a healthy superfood) and mushrooms (the only food that can give you vitamin D!)  I can create a ‘fry up’ of sorts and still enjoy mopping up that egg yolk. Add a little avocado and pepitas and you are on your way to a health halo!

Give it a go – a grilled tomato and some home made baked beans would be great to add to the plate too! I’ve added some avocado onto the grilled flatbread here and topped the egg off with some pepitas. Get the low carb flatbread recipe here. I’m sure you can come up with different ways to add these healthy ingredients together for a yummy breakfast but I’ve just listed one below in an easy format if you want to follow that.


low carb flatbread

2 slices of tomato

2 slices of avocado

1 egg

4 mushrooms sliced

1 Tbsp pepitas


1.. Make your low carb flatbread

2. Salt and pepper a couple of slices of tomatoes and grill

3. Cut  a few slices of avocado

4 Fry off your mushrooms with a little salt and pepper

5. Poach an egg

6. Compile all ingredients together and top off with pepitas.

Voila – a healthy little fry up!!



Detox DIY

Easy DIY Detox


Detox should not be about deprivation, drinking just water for a day or swallowing a bucket of pills.
Detox should be packed with nutritious food that will gently help cleanse your body of the toxic rubbish you may have indulged in over Christmas. Try it for just a week (which if you were to draw a line from your birth to where you are now possibly wouldn’t even make a blip) If you stick to it, you should feel fabulous, sleep better, lose weight, have clear whites around your eyes and have bucket loads of energy. However the first couple of days as you come off caffeine and alcohol could make you feel a bit yucky – if you do, then you, and your body, more than anyone ‘need’ this detox. However, if you feel your symptoms are too severe, then consult a doctor – the detox may be too strong for you. 99% of the toxins will be eliminated via your liver. If you don’t have a good functioning liver this detox is not for you.
It’s easy to create your own detox regime with the foods that you actually enjoy rather than following someone else’s. Just follow the golden rules below and you should feel a new person in 7 days!!!
ps: don’t forget to drink lots of water! Here are the steps to take to start your detox

Also just have to say my daughter Tazzie and her friends Maddie and Mckenna designed and photographed the main photo!

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Morning exercise - Healthy blog

Kick start your day off the right way

Busy day in the office? Important meeting? Whatever your day holds make sure you start the day off right! Just by adding a couple of the ‘kickstart my day’ suggestions below each morning will improve your energy, attitude and brainpower throughout your day. Not one of these suggestions involve setting your alarm earlier than normal and going for a run!!

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Healthy Breakfast Ideas - Healthy blog

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Before I launch into some great healthy ideas for breakfast, I just want to touch upon the big question; ‘what is healthy?”

For some it’s low carb, for some it’s low fat, and for others it’s high fibre. In the 70’s a healthy breakfast was deemed a grapefruit, in the 80’s Special K made their pinch-an-inch marketing drive the breakfast must have du jour, and in the 90’s a blueberry muffin was the go! It’s really not surprising that we are more confused than ever. But for me, in the 2000’s, the basics for eating healthy are unprocessed, nutrient-rich and low-in-refined-sugar foods.

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