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Feeling ‘down in the nose’? Minimizing Your Allergies

Allergies can be hellish. If you have an abundance of allergies in your home, or you just get hay fever, it can impact your life incredibly negatively. But, there are so many different allergies, that many people don’t know where to begin to tackle each one. In actual fact, there is a simple way to minimise your allergies, and that’s to do the following… Continue Reading

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Brain foods can make your child do better at school

The emerging field of nutritional psychiatry has established a plausible correlation between your diet and aptitude, especially for children. AMRI Hospital, one of the best multi-specialty hospital in Saltlake, explains that various ‘brain foods’ can help in boosting a child’s brain growth. These foods can improve brain functioning, memory, and concentration power.
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How Rebecca Fought Cancer and Won The NATURAL Way

I met Rebecca part way through her treatment at a pickle ball game of all places. I was so inspired by her story I needed to share it.  This story, if nothing else, I hope will lead you to discover and find out more about how food really does and can shape your health. Please support Rebecca by going to

Rebecca was ‘lucky’ in the fact that she caught her cancer early enough to be able to do something about it and to be able to afford to go to the clinic she went to.  Luke was not as lucky. Read Luke’s story here 

Rebecca’s story.

My name is Rebecca Stephan. I would like to share with you my story so that maybe you could pass on my story to inspire others to seek natural treatments or help someone who would like to choose natural treatments. Continue Reading