homemade luxurious almond and date muesli - Plant based whole food

Luxurious (and healthy) Almond & Date Muesli

Bircher muesli and muesli is my breakfast of choice 6, sometimes 7, mornings a week. I truly believe there is no other breakfast that is healthier or more nutritious.  (see below for benefits). It’s a piece of cake to make and once made, can be stored in the pantry and “grabbed’ every morning – just like a box of that “sugar laden bad for you” cereal that can be bought at the supermarkets!


5 cups of old fashioned oats (not steel cut and not quick oats)

3 cups dates

4 cups almonds

2 tbsp of chia seeds

1 tbsp all spice (ground)

3 tbsp cinnamon (ground)

Optional ( but good options!)

add any of these ingredients as you like – a couple of tbsps or up to 1/2 cup of each. If you add more than 1/2 cup of each add an extra cup of dates.

sunflower seeds

pumpkin seeds

unsweetened coconut flakes



1. Add oats to a large mixing bowl ( the quantity is going to more than double so make sure your bowl is large!)

2. Place dates and almonds into a blender and blend for 1-2 minutes. You still want the almonds to be chunky – not ground

3. Add dates and almonds to oats and add the chia seeds, cinnamon and all spice and mix it all together.

prepare your halo and glow all day long with health and happiness!


So what’s good about homemade muesli? – and there is a large difference between homemade and store bought! (added sugar for one, more cheap ingredients (oats) and less expensive ingredients (nuts and fruit) and so is lots (and lots and lots) tastier as well as more nutritious than store bought. So there!


Almonds are one of the earths most nutritious foods. Seriously. In plant based food, according to researchers in Korea (from Uncovering the Nutritional Landscape of Food, by Seunghyeon Kim, Jaeyun Sung, Mathias Foo, Yong-Su Jin and Pan-Jun Kim), almonds are number 1 in the most most nutritious foods. That are also good for inner and outer beauty as they pack a fantastic vitamin E punch  – and if you’re gonna be punched, best be punched by vitamin E eh?!. They are a high quality protein, can lower cholesterol, have good healthy fats and compounds called phytochemicals which can help protect against cardiovascular disease and even cancer. It’s also loaded with minerals like magnesium, phosphorous and the very important zinc. Along with all this they have fibre, calcium, folic acid ….. crikey, they are so perfect they are starting to get on my nerves! Almonds are best soaked in water before using – to get the most out of them, but if you are going to soak them you must also dry or dehydrate them before adding to your muesli. If you make your muesli a Bircher muesli – you won’t need to do this.(soak and dehydrate). OR, if you don’t want to bother with soaking them you can buy activated almonds from your health store.


Chia Seeds

chia seeds come in on the number 3 on the most nutritious foods list of our lovely Koreans .  Rich in antioxidants, full of fibre and Iron, tripping over themselves with omega-3 fatty aides which raise your good cholesterol which in turn protects against heart attacks and strokes, packed with protein, vitamins and minerals these little seeds are true powerhouses of nutrition.


oats may come across as a little pathetic when compared to almonds and chia but they are still incredibly nutritious and very filling!   Rich in antioxidants and fibre they are known for their fantastic cholesterol lowering properties. They are a fantastic inclusion to the diet for anyone who is diabetic or on the cusp of diabetes too. (type 2)



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