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Do You Do Anything To Avoid Cooking?

Why would you bother eating healthy in this day and age when you can get a delicious fast food meal in just a few minutes right? This philosophy, unfortunately, has been plaguing society for too long. Thanks to celebrity chef shows, people are more enthusiastic than ever to cook their own home meals. Maybe it’s the razmataz of the shows, the obvious attention to detail and how they make gastronomy into the true craft that it is. On the other hand, it could just be because people want to experience new flavors and not have to shell out a wad of money at a restaurant every week. Still, it’s too easy when you are traipsing home from work trying to work out what to cook, and knowing you still have to shop for it, to opt for the easy take out fast food option instead.  It’s perfectly reasonable to say that home cooked meals are going to be much healthier. You know everything that’s going into your food and you can manage recipes and instructions to fit your tastes and goals. However it does cost you one thing, and that’s effort! So here are a few tips to lessen the burden.


Have a plan

The hardest part about cooking a home meal should be deciding what to eat. There are literally millions of recipes out there that you could try. Fortunately I have lots of lovely recipes on here for you! Have a plan for the week, don’t just aim to make one home-cooked meal, start off with two to three a week. Look for some relatively simple recipes to start with simple health ingredients and then make a shopping list!

Know where to shop

Some supermarkets and food store chains just don’t have the thing that you might need in your recipe. A recipe might call for garlic powder and the store you normally go to only sells garlic salt. It’s obviously not the same thing and one wrong turn and you could mess up the recipe. Know what you are buying before you go to the shops and look up alternative ingredients if you worry you won’t be able to  find them.

Good equipment

If you’ve gone through the trouble of buying good quality ingredients, to balance it out shouldn’t you buy good quality equipment? Who wants a fine organic free range chicken breast, sticking to an old pan during the cooking process? Copper Chef pans  are modern and they are made for anything you throw at them. No matter what ingredients you have, they won’t stick and you don’t need to blast the pans with heat to get cooking. A decent blender, sharp knives and a good food processor can also make cooking a joy rather than a frustrating and annoying process!

Get help

Going it alone is brave, but when you’re cooking a new recipe it’s always good to have two pairs of eyesand hands. Someone could help you prepare such as cutting up vegetables. And since they’re following along with you, they can double check the recipe to make sure it’s going the way it should. It also makes the process more fun and possibly the excuse to open a bottle of wine!

If you plan right, there is no excuse to not cook, and by cooking dinner yourself you can (and will!) stay on track to eat healthy!  Cooking for yourself you will only be saving money and staying healthy but the sense of achievement from cooking a fab dinner at home will give you a warm glow all night!


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