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Is There Something Fishy About Omega-3? Try These Alternatives

If you haven’t heard by now, omega-3 is a superfood which has tons of health benefits. It can lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, and even limit the chances of a stroke. Plus, it strengthens bones and the immune system so that common ailments have less of an impact. Oh, and there’s the small case of fighting cancer and destroying the C-word naturally. All in all, omega-3 fatty acids will improve your life and help you live longer. Sadly, there is a problem: you don’t like fish………


And, we’re not talking the I-never-really-got-into-it sort of way. When you say hate, you enunciate every syllable and the eyes turn red. Funnily enough, the blood boils and the pressure rises, which would be fine if you could get a hit. Unfortunately, fatty acids are usually found in fish so it’s difficult to involve it in your diet. Sorry, but you’re going to have to give up on the pipedream of living until 100.

That’s a joke because everyone is going to live forever. Hooray! Okay, immortality isn’t guaranteed but people who dislike fish can get theirs without feeling nauseous. Here are the foods packed with the super nutrient. Be sure to thank this site at your centenary celebration.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, is this a trick? Is this a sick game you like to play? Dragging people in with clickbait and then revealing their worst nightmares. What a jip! Yes, the post so far alluded to omega-3 without eating fish, and lobster and crab are certainly part of the group. The term “shellfish” tends to give the game away, even though they are crustaceans. Regardless, terminologies aside, let’s get back on track. Although they are aquatic, they don’t taste fishy whatsoever. Anyone who has tried lobster or crab can attest to their chunky, chicken-like meat.

Still, they contain lots of the same nutrients that are found in their sea-dwelling cousins. And, yes, you guessed it – omega-3 is one that list. Some people even order live lobstersto get as many nutrients out of them as possible. However, if this makes you squeamish, then it’s easy to order them dead and throw them in a pot. That way, there is no whistling sound or the prospect of looking them in the eye beforehand.

Another one which may be of interest is a monkfish. This is one-hundred percent a part of the family, yet it’s unlike the rest of the group. If any fish tastes less fishy, it’s this one which is why it’s an excellent choice for the haters.

Canola Oil

There’s a chance you haven’t heard of this oil because its PR isn’t as good. Extra virgin and olive are the faces of the operation, while coconut and sesame seed are popular too. To be fair, all of them are healthy as long as they are used correctly. For instance, try not to fry olive oil because that is when it creates saturated fats. Take a leaf out of the Mediterranean’s handbook and drizzle it over salads and white meats. Anyway, back to canola.

The reason this oil gets a shout out in this post is that of its high in ALA. Don’t worry because this is a fancy way of saying fatty acids. In fact, the content is around 1,300 mg per tablespoon. To put that into perspective as no one has a clue what it means, doctors recommend consuming 1,100 to 1,600per day. One healthy portion of canola can wipe away the daily deficit and maintain the whole body.

What’s great is that it’s versatile. So, you can go mainland Europe-style and eat it raw, or you can use it in baking. Although not as healthy, it’s still a great way to get a hit. People that like to fry food can swap olive oil and use it in a stir-fry. And, there is no fish in sight. What an unbelievable catch.


Normally, baby chicks and hens aren’t packed with the superfood. The average dosage is around 55 mg per egg for a regular breakfast special. So, what are they doing getting a mention in this article? Are you playing your sick games again?! No, it’s nothing as Machiavellian because that would be eggcruciating to the readers. Sorry, about the last joke – now the blog has got egg on its face. Okay, okay, don’t leave. That’s the last of the puns. Let’s not scramble brains.


Organic food has become a huge contender in recent years, and that’s what gives eggs an omega boost. Farmers that mix canola oil or flaxseeds with the feed get eggs which are full of fatty acids. Experts believe the natural chickens and hens lay produce which is twice as high in terms of dosage. That’s about 115 mg. The content is nowhere as great as oil, but it’s an excellent start to the day.


Scrambled or poached eggs on brown bread is about as healthy a breakfastas is possible. Well, it is as long as you pick up the organic tray at the supermarket and pay a little extra. Hey, it’s your health and you’re worth the money. Seriously, that’s no yolk.


Hopefully, nuts are part of your diet anyway. On their own, they’re a superfood thanks to their mix of protein, carbs and fats. Being high in energy, they’re amazing snacks for gym-lovers who need a boost before hitting the treadmill. Still, dieters can use them to avoid eating junk food. As a poker player may say, you’ve got the nuts. Forget about the rest for now and focus on walnuts. These chunky boys look daunting, and they are, but they’re well worth the effort.

According to the geeks in a lab somewhere, one ounce of this food contains 2,600 mg of ALA. To put that into perspective, you can fit this volume into two hands. Sure, it’s a lot, but it’s quite a small amount over the course of a day. Also, there’s the flexibility to consider. As big and bulky as they may be, walnuts are the perfect cooking partner.

Do you remember that stir fry from earlier? Well, they can go in the wok at the end to add crunch. There is nothing like the texture of a nut with the succulence of the meat. Along with canola oil, it’s probably going to be the healthiest stir fry on the planet. Another use for them is in breakfast cereal. Or, you can throw walnuts in with fresh fruit and low-fat yogurt. The opportunities are endless.

Wild Rice

Disclaimer: wild rice looks very unappetizing. To see it on its own, you’d think it tastes bitter. But, don’t let the black color put you off because it’s pretty tasty when cooked. Bring a pan to the boil and add as many cups as you require. Then, let it simmer for around sixty-minutes. Unlike its grainy cousin, it takes a lot longer to prepare. Alternatively, it’s edible raw if you’re on a vegetarian or vegan hype at the moment.

The fact it’s a grass makes it a wise choice. As a result, it contains everything from zinc and magnesium to B vitamins and potassium. And, compared to brown rice, which is seen as the healthiest option, it has twice the amount of protein and fiber. But, you’re here for the omega-3 so let’s get to the good stuff. On average, there is 240 mg of omega-3 fatty acids in half a cup of the black rice. That means a normal portion of one cup contains nearly 500 mg of ALA.

To take it to another level, you can drizzle fish oilover the top. Please don’t dismiss it out of hand because the taste isn’t pungent. In reality, you don’t get the sharp hit yet you do get the benefits.

Thai Food

As the saying goes, you should save the best for last. Anyone that loves spicy food packed with flavor will jump for joy when they see the heading. Let’s admit that some of the above are overly healthy. The idea of cooking and eating wild rice isn’t appealing and can be difficult to stick to over the long-term. Thai food is the perfect alternative because it’s good for you and includes a nice hit of omega-3.

Why is something as delicious as this cuisine high in fatty acids? It’s down to the cooking process. Think of red or green curriesand you’ll see the colors and the thick sauces and the crunchy veggies. What is hard to spot is the fish oil masquerading in the deep bowl as something else. It’s almost impossible to taste yet it’s in there, filling the body with a good dosage of ALA.

The trick is to stick to the saucy dishes as they use the oil the most. Noodle-based meals are dry so there is no need to cover it in a fish extract. And, if they do, there’s a good chance you would taste it.

So, you hate fish but are you in love with these alternatives? Do you think they can help?

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