Toasted sweet potato for breakfast - Plant based whole food

Toasted Sweet Potato Brekky!

YUM! I do love some beans and egg for Brekky, but having something healthy to do the all important job of mopping up   the yolk and juice up can be tricky! – let me introduce the toasted sweet potato! Better for you than chips or hash browns, these little beauts do the job perfectly!

Ingredients (serves 4)

1/2 Sweet potato

4 Eggs

1 Can of baked beans (obvs you can make your own, but for simplicity here I’ve used Heinz!)

Method (oven 450f)

1. Peel and slice your potato into 1/2cm rounds

2. Place on a baking tray and toast for 20 minutes – turning them after 10 mins

3. Prepare eggs and beans as normal!


I’m sorry this meal is soooooo simple! Maybe next time I can create something a little trickier for you.!

If you want to make this brekky healthier, smash some avocado and top with baby greens, which is what I was going to originally make until my husband said he fancied egg and beans!


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