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The Importance of Getting Adequate Sleep

It’s not always easy to get a good night’s sleep and many parents with young children face the challenge of sleep deprivationat some point in their lives.  We often hear about the importance and impact sleep has on our emotional and physical wellbeing, yet few of us get enough sleep to operate at our optimum.


For many people, it can be difficult to have a completely restful night’s sleep, and that’s without having a baby on the scene.  There are always things whirling around our mind and due to the overstimulated lifestyles we lead, where there’s a tendency to cram as much into the day as possible and burn the candle at both ends, meaning we find it very hard to switch off when it comes to bed time.


There are, of course, plenty of things we can do to ensure we get more sleep, such as to sleep on a comfortable mattress, in a well ventilated dark room, with soft bed linen and supportive pillows.  


There are other factors, particularly if you feel anxious to sleep at night due to security concerns, such as getting a good home security system in your house from homesecuritysystem.coor having a dog that will faithfully lie at your feet each night, protecting you from anything untoward.


You could always visit lush.comand get a relaxing bath bomb, or massage bar, to use each night before going to sleep.  Natural oils such as lavender and clary sage can be particularly helpful when combating insomnia.



Sleep plays a vital role in us having good overall health and well-being; it not only affects us mentally but physically too.  Therefore, ensuring we get enough quality sleep, meaning deep sleep rather than light sleep, will help optimise not only our health, vitality, and energy levels but also our mood.


A lot of times when we don’t get enough sleep we are pretty useless the next day; we can be snappy, confused, foggy minded and generally grumpy.  It also affects our physical appearance with dark circles around our eyes and grey, lifeless skin, we can all see the difference in ourselves when we aren’t getting enough sleep.


However, it’s not just quantity, in many ways quality is even more important than quantity.


You may have heard of the concept of power naps, which are short cycle sleeps of around twenty minutes which people will have throughout the day in order to re-energise their mind and body; twenty minutes is just enough time to reach the necessary depth of relaxation to replenish both body and mind.


In summary, the importance of getting adequate sleep is critical to our emotional and physical wellbeing, as the damage that can be caused by sleep deficiency can be serious, in that it can cause or trigger serious chronic conditions.


Sleep deprivation makes us less aware and more clumsy, more moody and irritable, less focused and less able to control our emotional responses to situations in addition to the negative physiological effects not getting enough sleep has on your body.

Benefits of sleep

Getting adequate sleep

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