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More Than Diet and Exercise: What it Really Means to be Healthy

Eating well and exercising are two massively important elements of overall health, there’s no denying that. To function properly, you need the right nutrition as well as regular activity which will strengthen muscles and bones, increase endurance, regulate hormones and so much more. However there’s more to health than just this, and if you want to be your healthiest self then you truly have to make it a part of your lifestyle. The way you live should revolve around taking care of your body, but it doesn’t have to be as complicated as you’d think. Here are some things to consider.


Get Enough Sleep

The way you feel cognitively and physically is massively dependant on the amount and quality of sleep that you get. Sleep helps to repair the body, regulate hormones, help memory function and mood. Not only is this useful for the way you feel each day, but it contributes to good health in general. Those who suffer from chronic lack of sleep are more likely to be obese as hunger hormones are affected. Obesity of course comes with its own set of health issues. They’re more likely to be affected by a number of diseases due to reduced immune function, lack of sleep is even linked to mortality. Every time you miss sleep you’re effectively damaging your brain. Both long and short term, it’s a huge issue and something we should all be aiming to sort out. If you invest in a fitness tracker they will track your overall sleep duration, as well as how much time you’re spending in each sleep stage. This allows you to check if you’re getting enough, and if not you can make changes to your routine.


Quit Your Dangerous Vices

We live in a world where we have lots of access to things that aren’t good for us. There are fast food joints on every corner, shops, bars and off licenses serving alcohol open all hours. We can easily buy cigarettes and there’s no shortage of illegal substances for sale just about anywhere in the world. For this reason, it’s no wonder that so many of us have our vices, especially when these things can help to reduce stress in the short run. However we all know that these are horribly bad for our health, and if you really want to live a happy and healthy lifestyle then the bad habits have to go. Speak to a doctor or get in contact with your local health servicesif you feel you have an addiction. Otherwise, draw a line under your bad habits and start to use healthy coping mechanisms for stress instead. Self care such as hot baths, massages and pamper evenings can help you to relax after a long day. Exercise is also fantastic providing you’re not working out to extremes. Find things that work for you, that improve your body and mind instead of damaging them.


Focus on Mental Health

Finally, overall health shouldn’t just be seen as physical health- mental health is so important too. If you’re suffering with a condition like anxiety or depression then speak to your GP. Build up a good friendship circle around you so you have support when you need it. Generally be sure to look after your mind as well as your body.


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