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How to Spot The Signs of an Addiction

Our brains love the rush of endorphins and, to many people, the urge for more can be a bit overwhelming. Having an addictive personality is actually very common and can result in everything from over-exercising and a seemingly innocent dependency on people, to addictions that may harm our health.

It’s, therefore, a good idea to learn how to spot the signs of an addictive personality in yourself as well as others. That way, you’ll be able to recognize the problem while it is still relatively minor – and you can work on it before it evolves to become something bigger.


Here are the most common signs of addictive personalities so that you’re even better suited to take care of yourself and your loved ones.


There are no generic personalities


First, it’s important to get rid of some myths about addictive personalities. If you’re looking for a generic sample of what this person may be like, you’ll be looking in vain; there is, in fact, no specific personality that is more prone to addictions than others. Anyone may develop it and it’s not given that a person with addictions will show all of the traits below.


Consider it from your own or your friend’s situation and avoid depending on labels that dictate exactly how this person may be. You don’t have to be a social outcast or a criminal to end up with an addiction and it’s not to say that it is compensating for something else in your life that you’re missing either.


Nevertheless, some traits may make people more prone to developing an addictionto something; read on for the signs you should keep your eyes out for.


A family history of addictions


Whether the addictive personality was already generated in you or simply developed after growing up in the same household as an addictive personality doesn’t actually matter; if a family member of you is addicted to something, it puts you in the risk of developing the same traits. The same goes for a history of mental health problems such as depression or anxiety.


Some people choose to avoid the substances they may become addicted to all together as they recognize the traits in themselves. Try to look at yourself from a different perspective and get in touch with Hope Treatment Rehab if you want to talk to a professional you can trust.


A risk-taking trait


Finally, it is common knowledge that people with an addictive personality may appear somewhat impulsive and even fun-loving at times. The sudden urge to jump from one hobby or career to the next, seeking adventure and risks is definitely a trait to keep your eyes open for as it may be a sign of something else.


It is, of course, not to say that everyone with poor impulse-control and a need for adventure will become addicted to something but it’s a good idea to keep your eyes open for it. Addictions can develop in anyone and it’s far more common than people think – talk about it with your friends, family or a professional and it will be much easier to handle.


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