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Feeling ‘down in the nose’? Minimizing Your Allergies

Allergies can be hellish. If you have an abundance of allergies in your home, or you just get hay fever, it can impact your life incredibly negatively. But, there are so many different allergies, that many people don’t know where to begin to tackle each one. In actual fact, there is a simple way to minimise your allergies, and that’s to do the following…

Examine Your Diet

Even if you find yourself with cold-like symptoms at every time of year, your diet could be the cause. Look at your diet because there could be something you are consuming when your body doesn’t agree with. Of course, a healthy diet is always recommended, but if you are eating foods that deplete your gut bacteria, such as an excess of sugar, this could have a detrimental impact on your body’s ability to combat allergens. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to have a gluten or lactose intolerance, but if you suspect that you have one, the best way to find out is to get rid of the questionable food from your diet for a few weeks, and reintroduce it. If your symptoms returned, then you’ve identified the culprit. And while gut bacteria is a hot topic in the fight against allergens, there are things you can do find yourself prone to allergies, especially during the summer months. Avoiding spicy foods when the pollen counts are high, as well as avoiding raw foods during allergy season, and increasing your omega-3 are three things that will benefit you no end.

Clean Your Home

It could be so that your home is trapping allergens. Your home could be hiding a considerable amount of mould, dust mites, or pollen. Cleaning your home and removing clutter is a simple way. If you’ve got over old newspapers or clothes, get rid of them. It’s important to focus on the bedroom areas because you spend more time there than anywhere else. If you are struggling to get a good sleepdue to your allergens, your bed could be the culprit. Your bed easily traps allergens, which is why it’s important to have the right mattress toppers, preferably hypoallergenic, but also ensure that your bed is clean. It can be easy enough to go weeks without changing the sheets, but this is where allergens will build up, especially if you have the windows open, meaning that pollen can easily blow in and settle on your beds. In addition to this, ensuring that mould is kept at bay, especially in the bathroom, will minimise sniffles. It’s important to ensure that every room is adequately ventilated, as this will minimise mould, especially if you’ve got under floorboard areas that are prone to water seepage.

Your diet and your home are the two main areas that you can control. If you find yourself allergic to everything, it’s always recommended to go to a medical professional. But, with so many allergens out there, it’s important for you to examine how your body reacts to them first.

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