How Rebecca Fought Cancer and Won The NATURAL Way

I met Rebecca part way through her treatment at a pickle ball game of all places. I was so inspired by her story I needed to share it.  This story, if nothing else, I hope will lead you to discover and find out more about how food really does and can shape your health. Please support Rebecca by going to

Rebecca was ‘lucky’ in the fact that she caught her cancer early enough to be able to do something about it and to be able to afford to go to the clinic she went to.  Luke was not as lucky. Read Luke’s story here 

Rebecca’s story.

My name is Rebecca Stephan. I would like to share with you my story so that maybe you could pass on my story to inspire others to seek natural treatments or help someone who would like to choose natural treatments.

My Husband and I and our 3 children have lived in Colorado for the past almost 6 years. I was diagnosed with Mucinous Ovarian Cancer in December of 2016. This all started for us, December 6th, 2016. It was a Tuesday and I had gone to work that day. I was so uncomfortable at work I knew something was wrong. After work I went home, changed my clothes and drove myself to the ER. After having a scan done of my abdomen the ER doctor said I needed to see an Oncologist right away. The next day I saw the oncologist and he scheduled the mass to be taken out on the 9th of December. He said I shouldn’t worry as the odds of it being cancer was less than .5%. I went into surgery Friday having told our kids that I would probably be home that night. When I woke up from surgery I was told that the biopsy of the mass was the size of a volleyball and had come back cancerous. They had removed my ovaries, fallopian tubes, appendix, lymph nodes and done a full hysterectomy. While taking out the mass it had broken and therefore had spread into my bloodstream. I was diagnosed with Ovarian Mucinous Carcinoma but the Oncologist was not exactly sure where it came from or which direction to take for chemo treatments. It is a rare type of cancer where only approximately 50 people have been studied with it.
After surgery I had many complications as my body struggled to heal. I was in and out of the hospital for over a month and was finally discharged for the final time January 12, 2017. My oncologist wanted me to start chemo right away which didn’t make sense as I was continuing to lose weight after the hospital and my digestive system was continuing to struggle. I had seen the toll chemotherapy had taken on other cancer patients and I knew if I did chemo for the next 6 months it would continue to tear down my body and possibly kill me.
My husband and I began to look elsewhere for natural treatment options and flew down to see Colleen Huber, NMD, Medical Director of Nature Works Best Cancer Clinic in Tempe, Az. As soon as I met her I knew this is where I wanted to be treated. Also, the percentages of doing treatment with Doctor Huber were better for me than with my oncologist. Unfortunately, because it is alternative medicine my insurance company denied paying for treatment at this clinic. We honestly had no idea how we could make this happen, but we trusted God to help us work out the details.
Our family decided to move to Arizona so I can be close to the clinic and Dr. Huber. This was difficult for me as we had to leave our 3 children in Colorado to finish up the school year. But, I knew if I could sacrifice time with them now for much more time with them in the future it would be worth it. God opened doors and I was able to start my treatments around the beginning of March. I received IV treatments 3 times a week. These IV’s included cesium, rubidium, sodium bicarbonate, germanium, B vitamins, Vitamin C, minerals, amino acids, selenium and glutathione. I was also placed on a very strict diet. I was not allowed to eat any sugar or anything that turns into sugar. Stevia was the only exception. I took extra herbs and vitamins that fight cancer and drank Essiac Tea. I also exercised regularly and tried to get 20 min. of sun per day.
I was very blessed through this time to have many different people help me out financially to be able to afford these treatments as my insurance company continued to deny paying. I found this frustrating as these treatments I was getting cost so much less than chemotherapy would have.
After approximately 3 months of this regimen I had a full body scan done and was declared cancer free. I cannot tell you how blessed I feel. I feel like I have a second chance at life and I see things through different eyes. Every day is truly a gift from God.
I am now the Executive Director for the Naturopathic Cancer Society. We are a charitable organization that believes people deserve the right to have a say in their own care. That is why we are dedicated to raising funds for those who have cancer. My goal is to pay it forward and create opportunities for others to have a choice to receive natural treatments if this is what they choose without facing financial concerns.
Please visit to help a cancer patient like me today! All contributions are tax deductible.
Also, if you know a friend, uncle, sister, mother or anyone for that matter, who is seeking natural treatments for cancer and financially cannot afford it, have them apply for a grant at or email me at

Q: Rebecca, how has your diet changed since before your diagnosis and after your treatment.

A: My diet will always be forever changed. Before cancer, I was a pretty healthy eater. I had a salad usually every day for lunch and in general did not eat a lot of sugar or breads, but occasionally I would. I also did not focus on buying organic. After leaving the clinic, I now know sugar (and its many forms) feed cancer. I stick to a mostly Ketogenic diet. I also try to eat as organic as possible. I don’t want those extra pesticides in my body! My favorite cookbook is, “Quick & Easy Ketogenic Cooking by Maria Emmerich. I would say now I eat a lot more nuts, vegetables and whole fruit – not fruit juice.

Q: Do you think that all people should seek this natural path rather than chemotherapy or do you think it was specific to your kind of cancer and is only right for certain people/cancers?

A: I would say that is up for them to decide. I would encourage them to do their own thorough research and not let anyone push them into doing something they do not have a peace about or that they do not believe will heal them.

Q: Have you changed the food you feed your family since you have left the clinic? If so, how?

A: YES!!! LOL! We have 3 kids and through watching me they know what is and isn’t a good choice in food. I have changed what I buy and therefore the kids have changed their eating habits because the junk food isn’t in the house. I do not try and control everything they eat and let them splurge every now and then. What they eat in the future will be their choice. I am just trying to set a good example for them.

Q: Is there anything you would say to people out there, who don’t have cancer, with regards to the food they eat?

A: Yes, Dr. Huber wrote a great book, “Choose your foods like your life depends on them.” Her book is a guideline for me now. Though I am not as perfect as her – I do my best and leave the rest.

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