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The Easy And Healthy Way To Lose Weight

It’s taken me a long time, many books on diet and nutrition, a few nutrition courses and lots of trial and error on my own part to finally reach a conclusion on just what is the right way to lose weight.

Although I have completed a few nutritional courses over the years I am by no means a scientific expert. But I do know what has worked for me.

It started in the late 80’s for me, and I tried counting calories.  As a 20 year old this was not the most healthy way forward as it allowed me to eat 7 bags of crisps (chips) a day and still be under my daily calorie count!
I then moved on to the high fibre diet. Bowls of all bran for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!! Not a very varied diet in any shape or form.
Then came the low fat diet – god forbid they’d be a milimetre of fat on my 32 oz steak served with a jacket potato ( no butter obviously!!)
And then came the low carb diet. As long is it didn’t have sugar in it I was good to go. My consumption of fruit ( great in the low fat diet) became non existent as did some of the higher carb veggies and my meat eating when through the roof.

None of the above diets are what a nutritionist would call well balanced. And not only not well balanced but I’m about 20lbs heavier than I was when I started my first low cal diet – so not that effective either!!!

All this changed when I signed up for eCornells plant based whole food nutrition course.
Run by the author of the China Study, Dr. T Colin Campbell, this course was a true revolution to me. Backed by scientific data it became apparent that plant based, non processed food was the way to go for health and I was definitely more interested in the health aspect than the losing weight ( I think that comes to us all as we get older and lose loved ones to cancer and heart disease and the like).

So I started my plant based whole food diet. I thought this would be too difficult – I’m a meat eater for goodness sake!!! But as a chef I did love the challenge of finding new recipes that were going to not only fill me but also satiate me. OMG – my whole culinary repertoire has been turned on its head and I’m loving trying all these new ways with plant foods.

And over the course of 4 months I’ve lost weight!!

Without even trying!!!!

How did that happen?!!!!
I think there are a couple of reasons for that.
This new diet of mine includes lots of fiber rich filling food so I feel so full after a meal.
And I used to love my meat so much, even if I was full, if there was any meat left I would eat it!! Therefore overeating!

So now my little halo has got larger while my bum and stomach has got smaller. I have so much energy, feel so healthy and am trying exciting new dishes each week. Indian pancakes with curried lentils anyone??!!! It means bread (whole grain, heritage flour) has been reintroduced to my diet (I LOVE BREAD!!!!) and so have potatoes! Life is good.

I cannot recommend this way of eating high enough. I still have a little meat occasionally – if I’ve cooked it for someone else or if my body craves it. But for about 90% of the time it’s legumes, veggies, fruits, herbs and spices for me!!

Give it a go and feel the difference. I’m starting to add my new plant based recipes to my blog, so keep an eye out for them! Delicious Indian pancakes coming next week!


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