How To Make Your Own Goats Cheese (and make beauty products out of the left overs)!!

Making your own goats cheese is so simple, so satisfying and so much cheaper than buying goats cheese!!


1 quart/litre of goats milk *

1/3 cup lemon juice (about 1 lemon)

pinch of salt and pepper



1. Gently bring goats milk up to 180F/82C in a pan

2. Take milk off heat and add lemon juice

3. Stir and leave for 5 minutes. Add pinch of salt and pepper

4.Pour milk through a sieve lined with cheesecloth and allow to drip through slowly over a course of a few hours – you can even leave over night. Don’t be tempted to squeeze it out!

5. Open up the cheesecloth and scoop the ‘curds’ (goats cheese) off the cloth into a small bowl

6. USING THE WHEY! The ‘whey’ which is the liquid remaining is dense with great nutrients! Save it and use it in various recipes. I love it in my low carb seed crackers.   The whey is also great to add to a bath as it will nourish the skin and the dense protein that is left in the whey will strengthen your hair if you pour and brush the whey through your hair, leave it on for 10 minutes and then rinse it off.

7. EXTRA FLAVOUR. You can add extra flavours such as herbs or spices to your goats cheese. Fruit and nuts such as cranberries and pistachios can be used to roll the goats cheese in if you like.

8. IDEAS OF HOW TO USE YOUR GOATS CHEESE. Goats cheese is great in an omelette in a morning for breakfast, grilled in a large mushroom for lunch, or stuffed in a chicken breast for dinner. It is such a great ingredient for zinging up dishes!!! What’s your favourite goats cheese recipe?

Baked mushroom stuffed with goats cheese drizzled with pesto

Have fun with it and enjoy!

* do not use ultra pasteurized milk



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