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Getting Your Brain To Work To Its Full Potential

This is not a “Lucy’ moment for those that have watched the movie with Scareltt Johansen in. This is a lot easier. Harvard scientist have shown that what you eat does change the way your brain functions. And the number one thing you can change is………


Yes, it’s bad for your waistline, it’s bad for your insulin spikes but it’s also bad for your brain. By cutting back on added sugar or even trying to cut it out completely,  your body, your mind, YOU, will feel all the benefits of halting a poison from entering your body.

You would have to be living under a rock to not know by now that sugar is bad for you, and the more the scientists look into it, the worse it gets.  Sugar is so bad for you that it is likened to drugs, alcohol and nicotine on the way the brain reacts to it when ingested.

Research has shown that sugar reduces the production of a brain chemical BDNF – brain deprived neurotrophic factor – without BDNF our brains have problems learning new things.  It also can be responsible for depression and anxiety. In addition, high blood glucose levels can also affect the way the brain links from one functional area to another. It can also cause the brain to atrophy and restricts blood flow in the brain, causing cognitive problems.

Why wouldn’t you stop feeding yourself this poison?

Ironically, the amount of sugar you do eat can also affect your self control!! So eating too much sugar can actually make your self control weaken and so start a cycle of eating too much sugar! It also releases dopamine in the brain, which is the same hormone that is released when you take drugs, alcohol and nicotine and makes you feel good. This is why it’s difficult to quit sugar.

However, don’t  get me wrong – the brain does need sugar to function, we just don’t need it from added sugar. We can get what we need from our fruit and vegetables.

According to research from The British Psycological Society, eating fruit and veggies is not just good for getting the good sugar you need to make your brain work but by eating more fruit and veggies your curiosity and creativity will be enhanced.

So it’s obvious that added sugar should not be in your diet and fruit and veggies should be – but it’s easier said than done right?

If you decide that you want to try and cut out the added sugar in your diet, it will take initially self control and being prepared. I say initially, as once you start cutting out the sugar, the addictive part of it is out of your system and staying off it becomes easy.

Being prepared:

1 Don’t allow yourself to get hungry – that is when your sugar levels are low and bad decisions are made (and self control is scientifically at a low)

2. Prepare with healthy snacks to see you through the day- raw nuts, chopped veggies, piece of fruit

3. Shop for the week at the beginning of the week when you are feeling strong so you aren’t tempted to pick up a tub of ice cream or something

4. Look at other ways to get your ‘sweet’ fix – check out these following recipes. They are easy to make, have no added sugar but still have a beautiful sweetness that will stop you hankering after something that really is bad for you

Chocolate banana ‘ice cream’ tart

5. Don’t eat processed food!! Or at the very least limit them to an absolute minimum

5. Don’t drink fizzy drinks – they are laden with sugar – and the zero calorie drinks are even worse with the their artificial sugar (but that’s a different post!!)

Give it a go and FEEL the difference!!!!



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