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18 Steps to a Healthier & Slimmer You!

If you struggle with diets, eating healthy or just have a difficult relationship with food, read these 18 top tips and just by following a few of them you could see yourself either dropping a few pounds, eating healthier or just having a better relationship with food


  1. Although most people would say put your phone away at the table – Id like you to keep it out and set the timer for 20 minutes. Then make sure you take 20 minutes to eat your food. By having the timer there you should slow everything down and chew your food more thoroughly, which will not only stop you overeating at the end of the meal but also allow you to digest the food better and maximise the nutrients (don’t go checking texts or emails on the phone while eating tho’!)
  2. Serve your food on a small plate. The protein portion should be no bigger than the palm of your hand (palm – not your hand!!) Make the majority of the plate veggie based
  3. If you are looking to lose weight, I find soup one of the easiest ways to do this. Soup takes a longer time to eat , there is plenty of it, but as long as you don’t add cream of heavy carbs to the soup and ensure there is plenty of veggies, it should be low in cals ,  healthy and fill you up. Try this yummy Vienamese chicken soup
  4. There is a lot of conflicting advice out there on the time that you eat your food. I’m not a scientist, but I do notice most definitely that I am more likely to lose weight if I don’t eat after 6pm. If you are just wanting to drop a kilo or two in a week or two, make not eating past 6pm your goal.
  5. Tabata – I learnt a few years ago at Gwinganna health retreat that by doing 20-40 seconds flat out exercise followed by 10-20 second rest repeated for 10 minutes is more likely to help you lose weight and increase cardio ability than going for 1 hour run. It heightens your metabolism for over 24 hours. One of the exercise routines you can follow is Tabata. Download a Tabata song or two from itunes (make sure you have someone counting you in and out) and do any exercise for 10 minutes to the songs. You can run, bike or push weights, even push ups, or dancing will do.
  6.  Cut out the coffee and tea with milk and sugar. Make yourself fruit teas. Either buy some commercially made herbal teas or make your own using fruit and spices. Try pouring some boiling water over 2 slices of orange and lemon with a star anise thrown in. Allow to steep for 5 minutes then sit back and enjoy!
  7.  I think its important to not get hungry otherwise you will find that you overeat with your next snack/meal. So weigh out some nuts and seeds and keep then in ziplock bags. About 1 oz in each bag so you ensure you don’t overeat on your snack, but it will keep hunger at bay and stop you overeating later. Nuts and seeds are also fantastically good for you. (if you want, throw in a few peieces of dried fruit (raisins, chopped dates etc)) but go easy on them.
  8. If you have a craving for chocolate then give in to your craving! – yes really – but, not by buying store bought chocolate. Make a batch of my chocolate brownie balls and keep them in the freezer. They are amazingly delicious and they definitely hit the chocolate spot when needed
  9. I love a hot milky drink to finish of my evening and I switch between a low calorie hot choccy drink, a golden milk or a golden hot choccy. Check out all the recipes for these drinks as they do make a delicious drink to look forward to at the end of a day
  10. When you are at the supermarket use a basket not a trolley- (unless you are doing a weeks worth of shopping!!) Also try and use stairs rather than escalators or lifts when at the shopping mall.
  11. Before you sit down to eat do 5 push ups or 10 crunches – if you’ve just targeted your body in a positive way, you are less likely to go into self destruct mode when eating!
  12. If you are looking to drop a kilo or two and just wanting to just make a few changes to your daily habits, drop the alcohol. Just for a couple of weeks – alcohol is empty calories AND you are more likely to indulge in something naughty whiles alcoholicly compromised!!!
  13. Similar to point 11 but wth less effort- just read a healthy article before you eat dinner or even listen to a healthy podcast while preparing dinner. This will hopefully put you in the right frame of mind to keep you on the straight and narrow when eating dinner
  14. Keep some chopped veggies in the fridge for snacking on. Much better than reaching for a bag of crisps or a biscuit.
  15. Keep sugar at bay – sugar really is the evil food with no positive nutrients  whatsoever. If you use agave or coconut sugar instead of refined sugar, remember, they still pack the same hefty punch in calories. Where possible use Yacon syrup, stevia, puréed fruit or monkfruit sweetener instead
  16. Quinoa is hailed as the almighty superfood –  BUT – although it is a complete protein, if you are wanting to lose weight remember it is still a carbohydrate, similar in calories to rice and pasta. Mix a lot of veggies and some herbs in a small amount of quinoa to keep the calories low
  17. Go for a walk after dinner. It’ll not only give you a little exercise but it will stop you picking at any leftovers
  18. Commercial soft drinks are banned! Except sparkling water and water. All the others have too much sugar in them. Add some lemon or lime juice to your sparkling water to add a little vavavavoom!

If long lists are not your thing, then just add a little more exercise into your life, a few more veggies and a lot less processed food!


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