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5 Easy Ways To Integrate Superfoods Into Your Diet

5 easy ways for you to integrate some serious nutrition into your diet.

Replace rice with quinoa.
Rice is a pretty bland food on its own. Its main purpose it to soak up flavours from the food its served with. And this is precisely what quinoa does. If you are a curry fan and feel it’s a guilty pleasure to eat one once in a blue moon, include quinoa and feel that halo shine!

Add chia seeds
Add it to your morning smoothie, cereal or yoghurt, you can even sprinkle it in your soup, over a salad and in a stir fry – you can add it to pretty much anything. You won’t even notice the addition to your dish but it will really supercharge your superfood consumption.

Snack healthy
Keep a bag of raw nuts (walnuts, almonds and brazil nuts) and seeds (sunflower, pumpkin) mixed with a small handful of cranberries or raisins in your car or bag to snack on. Not only giving you an injection of a vast array of nutrition but also will stop you snacking on nutritionless (real word!) rubbish.

Add lentils
Make your beef burgers half and half with lentils. Maybe start ¼ with ¾ and build up to the half and half if the idea doesn’t appeal (tho’ trust me – they are delicious and I’m a die hard burger fan!)  They add a great texture to the burger and you still have the great taste of beef. Whiz the lentils up in a blender if you want to ‘hide’ them from the kids!

Use Greek yoghurt
Replace your regular yoghurt, cream, sour cream, cream cheese with Greek yoghurt. One of the best probiotic foods you can eat, and with all that protein its an absolute no brainer.

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