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At Home Spa Weekend

Having a night out with the girls is always something I look forward to, but the morning after a little less so! Had a fantastic night out last night with a million glasses of delicious Pinot Gris but boy my body was suffering this morning. So, with a house to myself, I decided to treat myself to an at home spa day. After an enormous lie in, I made a kale, apple n ginger juice then I made myself sweat with a tough 1 hour at home yoga session followed by some serious meditation. This alone made me feel sooooo much better ( that and the 5 large glasses of water).

I followed this up with a homemade moisturising face mask – avocado, honey and cream – and boy my skin looked way more radiant than it did first thing. I then made myself a body detoxicatin wrap – boiling water and green clay with seaweed, smothered over the bumpy bits and glad wrapped on for half an hour, followed by a hot shower and an Epsom salt laden bath. A spiritual snooze followed this ( it was supposed to be more meditation but my sleep deprived body had other ideas) and I woke up feeling like last night had never happened! I’m about to finish this home spa day with a delicious Vietnamese chicken soup. Chicken broth simmered with star anise, cinammon and cardamom pods. The stock is ready, I’m about to add some fresh organic chicken breast, mushrooms and fresh coriander ( cilantro) followed by a good nights sleep tonight and tomorrow I shall probably start arranging my next girls night out!!! Everything in moderation – including moderation!!!


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